Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

Originally a mattress outlet that sold discount beds, Brooklyn Bedding eventually decided to apply their decades of experience to building a new mattress from the ground up. Built for comfort with a simple, but effective design, customers have responded very well to the Brooklyn Bedding latex mattress. Is it “the best mattress ever,” though, as Brooklyn Bedding says on their website?



This bed was engineered to be comfortable without the need for any springs. It has two “comfort layers” that sit on top of each other—the first made of Talalay latex and the second made of Dunlap latex—along with a “support” layer underneath them made of high density foam. The latex is soft enough while still allowing for a decent bounce and no sag.

The best thing about this latex bed is that the material allows you to sleep cool since you don’t tend to sink into the mattress. It also has a very consistent firmness throughout that is very uniform across the surface of the mattress.

The cover that goes over all of it is made of durable polyester and gives an almost pillow-top softness to complement the firmness of the latex underneath.

In terms of customization, you can pick between three levels of firmness: soft, medium, or firm. According to their website, medium is the more common choice. They describe their soft mattress as a 4/10 in firmness, their medium as a 6/10, and their firm level as 7/10.

You can also of course choose the size that you want. It comes in the usual twin, full, queen, and king, but also has alternative sizes, such as twin XL and queen short.

Trail Period / Guarantee

Like most other online mattresses, you get to try the Brooklyn risk-free. It has a pretty long trial period of a 120 days, so unless you think you’re not going to be able to decide for four months, you really have nothing to lose with ordering it.

According to customer experiences, Brooklyn offers responsive customer service, so you don’t have to worry about them leaving you hanging if you end up not liking the bed.


Manufacturing Quality / Warranty

The Brooklyn is made in the USA by experienced manufacturers. It is factory direct, so there are no middle men taking a cut and you’re getting the best price. Brooklyn actually owns the factories where they make the beds, and they don’t outsource the work to another manufacturer, which saves a lot of money and reduces a lot of communication problems.

They will make your bed to order, according to your choice in size and firmness.

Naturally, if you don’t like the bed within your 120-day trial, they will refund it for you, and the shipping is always free. If you do decide to keep it, the warranty will last you for 10 years.



Customer Feedback

This is a very high quality mattress, and the vast majority of customers fall in love with it during the trial period. Notably, customers seemed to like how great of a value the mattress is for the money, and also the high level of customer service.

For people who like very firm mattresses, the bed was also a hit. Though they do have several firmness options, all of them run a bit on the firmer side, so be aware of this if you’re a fan of more plush mattresses.

However, many customers that were suffering from pain praise the firm support and report that they are able to sleep more soundly and comfortably after buying this mattress.

Some people have been praising the springiness of the mattress and prefer it to the “sunken in” feeling of a memory foam bed. The Brooklyn certainly does bounce, and without the need for metal coils that could cause pressure points. Customers report that the mattress feels very solid and well-built.



Customers also praise the pillow and sheets that you can buy along with the mattress, but keep in mind that the pillows are firmer than usual, just like the mattress itself. If you need something softer, then consider a third-party foam pillow, instead of the latex ones that Brooklyn offers.

These do sleep cool, though, and they also have a moisture-wicking cover on them that will help keep your sweat from building up. The sheets that they offer are soft and very breathable as well.

Though the mattress works great if you’re a side sleeper, people report that it’s ideal for back sleepers.

According to Brooklyn itself, all kinds of sleepers would enjoy the medium firmness level, while the soft level is meant for side and back sleepers, and the high firmness level is meant more for back and stomach sleepers.

When it comes to logistics, most customers were satisfied with the shipping as well. It is one of those compressed mattresses that you pull out of a box and allow to adjust to its natural shape. In most cases, it will decompress in just a matter of hours and will usually be ready for sleep the same day it arrives.

Customers report that the mattress came in the mail quickly and that unboxing was a simple process.


Recommend to Family and Friends?

We would certainly recommend this mattress to family and friends, especially those suffering from back problems or people who need extra support because they are a little bit heavy. This mattress is soft enough to provide a good amount of comfort, but it is also firm enough to offer decent support.

This mattress is breathable, comfortable for a wide range of people, and sleeps cool thanks to its natural latex layers.

Even the optional pillows and sheets are exceptionally well-made. It doesn’t hurt either that it has a long 120-night trial period so that you can be absolutely sure  it will work for you, and that its warranty will cover you for a decade.

It would make a perfect gift for anyone you know who is struggling to get a good night’s rest with a sagging mattress.