Helix Mattress Review

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Helix Mattress Review

Does customizing your mattress really make a difference? From what we—and hundreds of other customers—can tell, it does indeed make a huge difference. This is where Helix shines above other online mattress companies.



The comfort level of this mattress really depends on you, since you’re the one who will be customizing it. How it works is that you go to their website, then answer some specific questions about your sleeping style and preferences, as well as your height, weight, gender, age, body shape, and other details.

After the quiz, the site does some magical calculations, and your suggested mattress specifications will come up on the screen. This includes firmness, support level, and even how much cooling your mattress will need to provide.

It will ask your partner the same questions if the two of you have different preferences, and it will custom design a bed with different specs on either side. This means no more compromising on comfort for either party, which is one of the best selling points of this bed.

The result of all of this is one of the most affordable customized mattresses available. Since it is perfectly designed for you, it will more than likely provide you with a good night’s sleep.



There are some general design choices that make the Helix great  in any configuration, though. One of the advantages that it has is that it is a hybrid mattress, with both a memory foam layer and a small layer of coils, as well as dense polyfoam layers underneath. The top layers provide contouring and comfort, and the bottom layers offer a huge amount of support.

The top layer is unique among mattresses in that it offers the spring-back of a latex bed, which still retaining a lot of the advantages of foam. It’s made from a proprietary formula and it can’t be found on other mattresses.

When you lie on it, you will naturally sink into it slightly like any memory foam bed, but it bounces back nicely and doesn’t leave you feeling like you can’t move into a different position. This layer is has very good airflow for cooling, but of course the degree of cooling can be adjusted with their customization options.



Underneath this layer is what provides a lot of the extra bounce and support. The micro-coils are nothing like the innersprings of the past, and in fact are very gentle on your body. You can’t even really feel them and they actually reduce pressure points instead of creating them.

The two non-memory foam layers underneath prop everything up and they’re what really help keep your back aligned and reduce aches and pains. How these layers are arranged will depend on your configuration and what level of firmness and support you’re looking for.

The firmness level is fully customizable as with anything else, and the quiz will ask you to choose from a range of “very soft” to “very firm,” and several options in between.

The main draw here of course, though, is the personalization—so if you already know what you want and what will make you comfortable, Helix can definitely make that happen. They’re attention to detail and their research into what will be the most comfortable fit for which body type is second to none.


Trial Period / Risk Free Guarantee

Though this mattress will be manufactured to your exact taste an specifications, you don’t have to buy it on faith. There’s a trial period as with any other “mattress in a box,” and it’s actually pretty good: 100 nights for you to like it, or your money back. Their returns process is simple and hassle-free.


Manufacturing Quality / Warranty

From the amount of research that Helix put into building a highly customizable mattress, you can expect that the results of their work will be a high quality bed. Indeed, the Helix is durable and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Their materials are also environmentally friendly and high grade. There are no toxins in the material and no off-gassing that will leave you gagging the first night.

Both the mattress and the materials that go into it are also built in the USA. In fact, they are hand-assembled in Helix’s own factories that they have in various states. This also makes it easy for them to provide free shipping to US residents.


Customer Feedback

Most customers love their Helix bed, and many report that it’s the best mattress they’ve ever had. People praise it especially for its good back support and its ability to allow them to sleep throughout the whole night.

Customers wake up feeling rested instead of groggy, and many people have experienced a mark reduction in back pain.

This mattress, though it has customizable firmness, tends to run a bit on the firmer side, and back sleepers in particular liked this.

Even some stomach sleepers noted that the bed was extremely comfortable after a minor adjustment period.

Customers note that for such a customizable mattress with such high quality materials, it’s actually a very good deal. Most people found it easy to pull out of the box and set it up themselves, and  customers seem satisfied with the shipping speed and packing.




Recommend to Family and Friends?

The Helix is certainly highly recommended to friends and family. It is probably the most affordable personalized mattress, and this can really save someone time when they’re searching for the perfect bed.

Rather than dig through tons of information on dozens of mattresses, trying to weight the pros and cons with you’re own preferences, you can just plug in everything that you want in a bed and Helix will automatically design it for you.

The materials are durable and high quality, the bed comes with a good warranty, and there’s a decent trial period so there’s really no risk. For a comfortable mattress that is made just for you, has good airflow, and will last you years, you really can’t go wrong with giving Helix a try.