Purple Mattress Review

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Purple Mattress Review

When it comes to modern mattresses, Purple is one of the best and certainly one of the most unique offerings on the market. It works great for both back and side sleepers, and it offers a refreshing breathability that few others mattresses do.



Purple is was designed to avoid activating pressure points, while still giving the support and firmness that most sleepers will need. It features three layers of material, all very high quality, and each having a unique role.

The top layer is 2” thick and is made of hyper-elastic polymer, and this is what gives Purple its unique feel compared to other mattresses. This material is somewhat comparable to latex, in that it is stretchy, durable, and has a lot of “give,” but it will also bounce right back into shape when you get up.

In fact, customers report that the polymer is more bouncy than latex and that it doesn’t leave an impression of your body on the bed at all. It has some added benefits compared to certain kinds of latex in that it is hypoallergenic.

It employs what is called a “smart grid,” which makes it more comfortable and uniform, and provides better air flow. Basically, there are open squares of air throughout the hyper-elastic layer to carry away excess heat.

This makes the top layer highly breathable and so the mattress will keep you cool all night. If heat build up is a problem for you, then Purple is one of the coolest mattresses out there.





Underneath this elastic polymer, there are two layers of foam. The first layer is denser than the latex on top, but still allows for some compression. The layer below that is an even denser, supportive layer that ultimately makes the bed very solid and comfortable.

It comes with a cover that is a polyester blend, and it is very breathable as well. Like the mattress itself, it is stretchy and fits nicely over the mattress. If you want to place sheets over the top of all this, stretchy fitted sheets are recommended.

When it comes to firmness, there is only one option, and it falls at roughly a 6/10 on the firmness scale. In other words, it is slightly firmer than average, but it will still accommodate the vast majority of sleepers, unless they need an particularly soft mattress.

In addition to the mattress, Purple has also applied their technology to pillows and chair cushions. These are some of the coolest pillows and cushions available on the market because of the smart grid design.



Trial Period / Guarantee

Since Purple isn’t really available in stores where you could test it out in person before you buy, there is a risk-free trial. You can try the mattress for 100 nights and return it if you’re not satisfied.


Manufacturing Quality and Warranty

Purple is an eco-friendly mattress made of non-toxic and 100% recycles materials. The foam that makes up the bottom two layers of the mattress have been certified by CertiPUR-US as being safe and free of toxins. It is manufactured in the USA and Purple is an American company. They back up their mattress with a 10 year warranty, which is pretty standard.


Customer Feedback

For a lot of customers, Purple seems to be the mattress that they’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t have the pressure points of a coil mattress, but also doesn’t sleep hot like some memory foam offerings. Customers report that the bed solved the problem of needing a mattress that was both firm enough for back support, but didn’t cause painful pressure.

Most of the people who buy Purple are satisfied with it and many say that they are sleeping longer and more deeply because of it.

Its tendency to keep the sleeper cool and refreshed is also a huge plus with a number of customers who liked the comfort of memory foam mattresses, but could not live with some of the overheating issues.

Other praise how the bed is very quiet and doesn’t transfer motion that easily, which makes sleeping with a spouse much easier. Some mixed-firmness couples (where one prefers hard, and the other soft) have even found a compromise with the Purple; although it is on the firmer side of the scale, because it doesn’t cause uncomfortable pressure, even soft mattress users can find it comfortable.



Some customers remark that the Purple is best for back sleepers because of its firmness and its ability to align the back without putting pressure on the hips and shoulders. Most side sleepers seem to be satisfied with it as well, but of course this depends on individual preference—that’s why the 100 night trial is in place.

Some people remarked on how heavy the mattress is, but this is because the material is dense and well-built. Usually, setting up is very easy, as it comes straight to your door and the package has handles for easy maneuvering.

It comes rolled up in a box and you simply pull it out in your chosen room and allow it to take on inflate naturally to its final form. Shipping is free as well.

Finally, users praised the customer service for their responsiveness. They will answer customer questions and will honor the guarantee in a matter of days if you find that the mattress isn’t for you. Most customers felt secure that it was truly risk-free.


Recommend to Family and Friends?

The Purple represents a new generation of mattresses that really provide the best of both worlds, and as such, it comes highly recommended. It is one of the best mattresses of its kind, and comes with a unique, hyper-elastic polymer that you can’t get anywhere else.

The mattress is extremely breathable and sleeps cool all night long, provides adequate bounce for more interesting bedroom activities, and doesn’t cause the discomfort that spring mattresses do. It comes with a great trial period as well, so there’s no risk.

If any of your friends or family are looking for a firmer mattress that is still comfortable with a top layer that molds to their shape, then Purple is a great mattress to recommend.